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Gavin Keogh - 11-27-2018
Looking for ideas for a 40th reunion....Lets get the conversation started on the message board!
Michael Barnett - 07-09-2012
Moved away in 6th grade to lakeville before I attended Penn Junior or even Lincoln High School.  I did have alot of friends from Humbolt Heights Elementary.  Had a childhood dream of the old scholl a few weeks back. Just courious if the play ground kids are still around.  

Take care!

Mike Barnett
leslie larson pearson - 08-08-2010
thanks to all for organizing the reunion!  it was soo much fun!
Greg Sotebeer - 08-04-2010
Hey all - Cant wait to see you on Saturday.  While I sat on the committee, I really could not do much for the reunion.  What I do know is all the time put into this - especially from Gav and Lori.  We owe them a huge thanks!  (Not to mention Angela, Blex, Bradley, and Marcia).  Thanks a ton, guys!

Till Saturday!

heidi lynn johnson - 07-28-2010
i look back on the days when we were younger and wish i could've done things differently.  hope to hear from everybody.  what have you all been doing the last 30 years?
Jane E. Olson - 07-22-2010
To my favorite friend from eighth grade forward.  Thank you Gav for putting many hours of your time in putting this whole website together, and for allowing us all to benefit from it.  Those who care recognize it...I DO!  I look forward to seeing all of my friends and enemies from the class of '80'...including Wes Gollnick who tormented me for decades!!!  Jane O.
Randy Reetz - 07-10-2010
Gavin...great job on all of this. 30 years....really????
If I can help with anything...let me know
George Wilken - 06-25-2010
I'm in, finally going to make it back. Should be OUTSTANDING!!!!!
Nancy Mullen (Score) - 06-17-2010
Floyd's in Victoria, August 6th, 7ish!  Come join the 'pre' reunion get together!!
Steve Dea - 06-06-2010
Great job on the site Bubba. Still searching for the elusive #1 Lincoln Hockey jersey! Thanks for putting out the word. See you in August.
Gregory Bell - 06-05-2010
Gavin awesome job on the website. Great memories from the class of 1980. I had a great time at the 20th reunion and sorry I can't make this one. I know you guys have a great time.
Neil Sorensen - 05-21-2010
WOW !!! What a blast from the past, some of these names bring back lots of memories.  Looking forward to the reunion and seeing how we have all changed.
Julie - 'still' Condra - 04-18-2010
This is a great idea Gav! Thanks for putting it all together! Hope to see a BUNCH of people at the reunion!
Leslie Larson Pearson - 03-18-2010
nice job , looking forward to the big 30th  WOW! see ya all there!!!
John and Diane Richards - 02-21-2010
Great site Gav, Thanks for all you do. Looking foward to seeing everyone again this summer,enjoy the day.

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